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L-Bags are your eco-friendly answer to plastic produce bags! Made by hand, L-Bags are made of a light-weight mesh fabric, which allows clerks and checkers to easily see the produce number stickers on fruit and veggies, but will not add weight to your order! L-Bags are also great for bulk rice and other grains!
L-Bags have a draw string closure to keep food safely inside during transportation and storage! Rolled seams and double stitching increase durability! Machine washable!

Available in two sizes, the L-Bags are eco-friendly and reusable. If you carry your own shopping bags, why use plastic produce bags? Use L-Bags instead.
Short bags measure approximately 11” x 11” and hold up to 3 lbs.
Great for apples and tomatoes!

Long bags measure approximately 11” by 18” and hold up to 5 lbs.
Great for corn and celery!

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Only $2.25 for the short bag and $3.25 for the long bag